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The 20 Greatest Spider-Man Villains

Everyone loves a good villain and with Spider-Man there is so much to love. The web-slinger probably doesn’t appreciate it, but he has the most formidable, and coolest, enemies of any superhero. But some are cooler than others. Blogzarro is here to give you the best of the best.

20. Chameleon

The Chameleon was the first supervillain to face Spider-Man, way back in “Amazing Spider-Man #1″ (1963). He is a master of disguise and a spy. He is also the half-brother of Kraven.

19. Mysterio

Ol’ crystal ball head first appeared in “Amazing Spider-Man #13.” He has proven to be one of Spider-Man’s most elusive and persistent adversaries over the years. And like Doug Henning, he is a master of illusion.

18. Morlun

Morlun is one of Spider-Man’s more recent foes. Created by J. Michael Straczynski and John Romita Jr., Morlun is a descendent of a race called the Ancients who feed on “totem” people. He once tore out Spider-Man’s eye and ate it and then broke Mary Jane’s arm.

17. The Burglar

The man who killed Uncle Ben has never been officially named. The so-called Burglar, who taught us all that “with great power comes great responsibility,” is the one bad guy who has never stopped haunting Spidey and has caused the web-slinger more misery than any one else.

16. Shocker

Shocker is probably the coolest supervillain in a quilted costume. He wears a pair of gauntlets that shoot out concentrated blasts of air that vibrate at intense frequencies, and though one of Spidey’s more rationale foes, the web-slinger still taunts him by calling him Mr. Quilt-Man.

15. Kraven

Kraven was the greatest big game hunter in the world and he was bent on capturing the biggest game, namely Spider-Man. It took him 20 years, but he finally did it. After capturing Spider-Man, Kraven the Hunter committed suicide, since there wasn’t anything left for him to do.

14. Vulture

He might look like an old fogey in an fur collar, but the Vulture is a vicious enemy. Along with Electro, he once almost beat Spider-Man to death. Vulture, aka Adrian Toomes, first appeared in “Amazing Spider-Man #2″ (1963).

13. Hobgoblin

After the Green Goblin’s apparent death, Roderick Kingsley discovered Norman Osborn’s lair and thus was born the Hobgoblin. Though he was scarier looking than the Green Goblin, he wasn’t as powerful. Besides, Kingsley was a fashion designer, which is scary for different reasons.

12. Electro

Another early foe of Spider-Man’s, Electro was really Maxwell Dillon, an electric company worker with an inferiority complex. He is a founding member of the Sinister Six.

11. Rhino

The Rhino is one of Spider-Man’s most powerful foes, but he’s also one of the stupidest. You pretty much have to be to wear that get-up. The Rhino, who began life as a poor immigrant from Russia, likes to rob banks and ram his enemies.

10. Scorpion

The Scorpion is a result of J. Jonah Jameson’s madness. Jonah hired detective Mac Gargan to subject himself to an experiment that would endow him with the characteristics of a scorpion in order to defeat Spidey. The experiment worked, but Gargan went insane and turned on Jonah.

9. J. Jonah Jameson

No one has harassed Spider-Man more than Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson. Proving that the pen is mightier than the sword, Jameson has been a constant pain in the ass. His hatred and jealousy has even led him to hire villains to hunt down Spider-Man.

8. Jackal

The Jackal is another scientist gone mad. Obsessed with Gwen Stacy, Dr. Miles Warren combined his DNA with that of a jackal after her death. He later cloned Gwen and Spidey and even persuaded the Punisher to hunt down Spidey.

7. Kingpin

Don’t let his obesity fool you. The Kingpin is surprisingly agile. But it’s his intelligence as a criminal mastermind that makes him such a worthy foe. He recently put a hit on Spider-Man which resulted in Aunt May being shot by a sniper. That can’t go well for Kingpin.

6. The Lizard

In a fight between a spider and a lizard, you think the lizard would win. Either way, the Lizard has given Spider-Man a run for his money. The Lizard is really doctor Curt Connors, who ingested some experimental reptile serum much to his detriment.

5. Carnage

If Venom is a bad mother, Carnage is super-bad. Carnage is a combination of the Venom symbiote and serial killer Cletus Kasady. He’s not only stronger than Spider-Man; he’s also more powerful than Venom. Yikes!

4. Sandman

Sandman, whose real name is William Baker, has one of the more unusual super abilities. He can absorb sand and reconstitute in into his body. He likes to punch Spidey with his sledgehammer fists and create sandstorms. He also goes by the alias Flint Marko.

3. Doctor Octopus

Doctor Octopus, affectionately called Doc Ock, is one of Spider-Man’s oldest foes. The portly mad scientist’s mechanical tentacles have given Spidey plenty of trouble over the years.

2. Green Goblin

The Green Goblin ended the Silver Age of comics when he pushed Gwen Stacy off the Brooklyn Bridge in 1973. Spider-Man’s arch-nemesis in the late ’60s and early ‘70 was really the insane industrialist Norman Osborn.

1. Venom

Venom is one bad-looking baddie. He makes the Green Goblin look like Kermit the Frog. Venom is the result of a symbiote bonding with Eddie Brock, Peter Parker’s rival at the Daily Bugle. His comparable powers exceed Spider-Man’s, making him one tough adversary.
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